A Life Saved Because of You


Tom Walker, Stefan, his mother Ora, and Patty Kelly. Ora chose life after talking with Tom and Patty.

Sidewalk counselors Tom Walker and Patti Kelly reach out daily — along with other pro-life volunteers — to abortion-minded women outside the Women’s Center of Fort Lauderdale abortion facility. It can be challenging work. But on March 6, Tom and Patty got a wonderful surprise. ​


Ora and her son Stefan, who turned two that day, stopped by for a visit. Ora was planning to end her pregnancy in June of 2016 when Tom and Patty encountered her outside the abortion facility.


They talked, gave her information about abortion and its consequences. And then they referred her to Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center which opened their doors just for Ora.


She chose life!

More than two years later, Ora returned. But this time Ora came with her little boy in her arms — and Tom was blessed to hold and pray over Stefan!

“We observe well over 300 turnaways per year at this one abortion center,” Tom said. “But we know there are many more. Some we never even get to meet; they see us out there and keep on driving. But once in a while we are blessed to meet a child like Stefan — saved by God through our efforts. Just one makes it all worthwhile!”


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Sidewalk counselor Tom Walker had the chance to hold and pray over Stefan. 

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  • 30 women have chosen life

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