Giving Unseen Victims a Voice Since 1973

Our goal is a nation and a culture where abortion is both illegal and unthinkable.


Your gift brings life to Broward!

Broward Right to Life began in 1973, just three months after the U.S. Supreme Court decreed that unborn children are outside the protection of the law. A small group of Broward residents, the late beloved pro-life leader Dr. Matthew Bulfin among them, took action. They drew up papers to incorporate Broward Right to Life. The purpose of the newly formed organization was, they wrote, "to reestablish, where lost, the infinite value and the sanctity of each human life, irrespective of age, physical or mental condition, or the circumstances of the beginning of that life."


Illegal and Unthinkable

Since then, we have been working for the day when the evil of abortion no longer takes one of every four children conceived in America. Our goal is a nation and a culture where abortion is both illegal and unthinkable. A land where the law no longer allows doctors to dismember children in the womb and the idea of doing so is greeted—at every level of society—with disgust and abhorrence.


We have not yet reached that goal. During 2017, some 11,000 unborn children in Broward County met an untimely and tragic end from abortion. An average of 30 children die daily in Broward County abortion clinics, doctors' offices, or in one of several local hospitals.


What We Do


Broward Right to Life is working to give these silent unseen victims a voice. Our goal is to end abortion in Broward County. We educate, support pro-life legislation, provide referrals to women who may have untimely or problem pregnancies, and comfort women grief- and guilt-stricken from past abortions.


Broward County Right to Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization funded totally by private donations. Your assistance, tax-deductible contributions, volunteer services, and vocal public support, are greatly needed and appreciated. Your contribution allows us to speak out on behalf of unborn children in Broward County.


Your Gift Brings Life to Broward!

Your generous gift now will help defend life in Broward. When you give, you make possible life-saving initiatives like our: 

  • peaceful sidewalk counseling outside Broward abortion facilities

  • pro-life outreach to schools and churches

  • Guard Your Heart for teen girls and women

  • 40 Days for Life campaigns

  • pro-life advertising

  • and more. 


Thank you for your gift to bring life to Broward!


Gifts to Broward County Right to Life Foundation, Inc., a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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