Abortion Survivor Gianna Jensen
Tells Riveting Story at Benefit Breakfast


Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen shared her incredible story at the Broward Right to Life Benefit Breakfast, Sat., Nov. 9.​

"I was born in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles because of the sheer power and for the glory of Jesus Christ," abortion survivor Gianna Jessen told more than 300 people on Nov. 9 at the Broward Right to Life Benefit Breakfast.

But had her abortionist been at work when she was born at 6 am on April 6, 1977, he would ended her life, she said, by "strangulation, suffocation, or leaving me there to die--without a thought, without a care."

"​I would have been, really, a perfect example of what New Yorkers stood up and gave a standing ovation" for in January, she said, referring to the celebration that erupted when New York's governor signed into law a bill legalizing abortion until birth.

But Gianna survived her date with death. Instead, as Gianna's medical record states, she was "born during saline abortion" — a kind of abortion intended to burn and kill late-term babies. In Gianna's case, it "failed." She emerged alive, two months premature and weighing just two-and-a-half pounds.

Infectious Laugh and Deep Honesty ​

Gianna spent her first two months after birth in a hospital. From there, she entered the foster care system. In many regards, her life has been a short path littered with obstacles at every turn. But a life that was never meant to be has been used to inspire—even save—others. ​Today, she's a woman with an infectious laugh and deep honesty. Her failed abortion gave her the "gift" of cerebral palsy, but she has run

Gianna Jessen

marathons. She met President George W. Bush when he signed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act into law.

Mother Teresa: God is using Gianna

"God is using Gianna to remind the world that each human being is precious to Him," stated Mother Teresa. "It is beautiful to see the strength of the love of Jesus, which he has poured into her heart. My prayer for Gianna, and for all who listen to her, is that this message of God’s love will put an end to abortion with the power of love."

America's culture of death tried to snuff out her life and her voice. But now she not only speaks and sings, but laughs. “My goal is to live the impossible,” says Gianna, “since nothing is impossible for God.”


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