Healing After Abortion


These women know firsthand that abortion is not a woman's friend. Told it was safe and for the best, they discovered too late that "choice" is the first step on a long, lonely road of anguish and regret.

Joan was 15 when an abortion clinic counselor pressured her into having an abortion - without the parental signature required by law. It was only during a later pregnancy that she realized what she had done. "It wasn't a tissue, it wasn't a blob, it wasn't a nothing," she said. "All of a sudden it just came upon me what I had done."

Martha knew "deep down inside" that it was a baby, but at age 17, with just five months to go before graduation, she felt pressure to solve her "problem." After the abortion "I became bitter and depressed," she said.

Tewannah felt initial relief after her abortion at age 18, but seven years later horror seized her when she discovered what her abortionist never told her. "The first thing I said was, 'I've taken the life of my own child.' I was really depressed and grief-stricken and guilty."

Today, millions of women suffer in silence from the guilt, grief, anger, and fear that often follow an abortion. These walking wounded are everywhere among us-including the church. Nationwide, some 43 percent of women will have at least one abortion by age 45. Here in Broward County, one out of every three pregnancies ends by abortion.

That's a lot of pain - for both mother and child.

But these South Florida women know one thing more: God's grace offers forgiveness and freedom from the sin and pain of abortion. "I know that the baby is with God and I'll see the baby again," said Diana. "My peace has been knowing God's forgiveness and love." ​    


If you need help dealing with a past abortion, you may call 1-800-848-LOVE for local organizations that offer help. And, if you want to spare other women and children from the tragedy of "choice," please speak out, volunteer, and give to help bring an end to abortion.


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